If you need expertise in the field of interaction design, product design or design thinking, feel free to contact me! My name is Daphne, and I am an Industrial Designer. I am a master student Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, and consultant for Sure Innovation.


Being passionate about everything interactive, my challenge lies in observing and talking to users, designing for their needs and using technology to achieve my goals. For me, products should address emotion rather than cognition. For example, last year I worked on a project that explores how tango dance can inspire interaction design during my internship at RISE Interactive Umeå in Sweden. Moreover, I worked on the development of a Virtual Reality game, where players can experience what it is like to be someone else.


I am looking for a client for my Final Master Project, within the fields of the Internet of Things, everyday life, and mass production. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just wish a good conversation!






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design inspired by tango




making people dance together


I feel that many qualities are hidden in tango dance. What makes people want to be so close to each other and move together? Why do we perceive tango as a beautiful act? Moreover, how can it be that the interaction between the dancers is so intuitive? I performed a research project, with a final deliverable that makes it irresistible to people to dance together.

being someone else in virtual reality

experiencing sexism from the perspective of the other gender


communication with strangers




carpooling: from social discomfort to social opportunities


Carpooling is an environmentally friendly and highly social trend. To address the barrier of communicating with strangers, I designed Wally – a shape-changing mirror.

design for lower back pain

exercising: do you do it? & do you do it right?


human-machine interface design

challenging the perceived complexity of a high-tech agricultural machine


The Diverto-QS100 (a multifunctional agricultural machine) challenged the perceived complexity of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) among its' potential users. My job was to design an explanation of the HMI to convince customers of the current design, and to propose a new design for the right-hand armrest.

consultancy work for sure innovation

side projects and hobbies