If you need expertise in the field of interaction design, product design or design thinking, feel free to contact me! My name is Daphne, and I am a Dutch Industrial Designer.


Being passionate about everything interactive, my challenge lies in observing and talking to users, designing for their needs and using technology to achieve my goals. I love to design intuitive and organic interaction, as I believe products should address emotion rather than cognition.


I graduated in the field of Shape-Changing interfaces. Currently, I am working as an industrial designer at SURE innovation, and as a student mentor at the faculty of Industrial Design at the University of Technology Eindhoven.


Allow me to explain my vision in various design cases from different sectors, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested or if you have any questions!



+316 838 900 64

the impact of shape-changing interfaces on behaviour




carpooling: from social discomfort to social opportunities


Carpooling is an environmentally friendly and highly social trend. To address the barrier of communicating with relative strangers, I designed Wally – a shape-changing mirror.

exercising: do you do it? & do you do it right?


persuasive interface design for rehabilitation

enhancing user-interface of a multifunctional agricultural machine


The Diverto-QS100 (a multifunctional agricultural machine) challenged the perceived complexity of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) among its' potential users. My job was to design an explanation of the HMI to convince customers of the current design, and to propose a new design for the right-hand armrest.

challenging the perceived complexity of high-tech machinery

high-five street stimulating positive interaction among strangers


Team project, 10 ECT

Inviting interaction between complete strangers: the high-five street is a bike-lane where passengers are invited to clap each others' hands. The clapping sound of the high-fives triggers a photo camera. To reward the interaction, the picture taken is displayed on a large screen.

breaking cultural boundaries riding a bike

thinking inside the box, outside the box

junior solar boat challenge, tu delft secondary school honours programme



Who says a boat has to be straight? The challenge? A manoeuvrable fast boat powered by solar energy, that fits in a given box. The length of the boat increases speed. The hinge enhances manoeuvrability. And as the boat is demountable, it fits in the box.

the reversed design project

subtle interactivity


individual project, 10 ECT

The assignment: add character to a public space, by adding interactive design that will only be noticed by users who visit the place frequently. I choose a shopping center in Eindhoven, Piazza, characterised by massive steel pillars. No-one’s perfect. The pillars ‘pimples’ encourage passers-by to climb, but they can’t hold the weight...

design for a mobile society: hema design challenge

orange on-the-go



Oranges are the perfect fruit for on-the-go: they do not become sticky in your bag and you can forget them for a few days without finding rotten fruit. Furthermore, they boost your memory and they relieve stress. However, it seems to be impossible to peel them without all the dirt. The orange peeling bag solves this problem. Besides designing a low-tech, user-friendly, and robust product, I also thought of manufacturing techniques, material choices, costs, packaging and surveyed HEMA clients to validate the business model.