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Manager Alliances, Ecosystem & Support at Nextcloud by day ☀️
Scientist by night 🌘

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Hi! 👋
My name is Daphne Muller. I work towards a world where privacy is respected.

My idea worth spreading is that by collecting less personal data, we can get more innovation, financially healthier business models, more competition in the market, and most importantly, more humanity. 

Warm welcome!

Privacy is Progress

I did a TEDx talk about my research on the future of the technology industry.

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The Computer for the 21st Century – Second Edition for Europe

For the CHI conference, the most prestigious Human-Computer Interaction conference, I published this article about how open-source projects, consumer activism, and collaboration will make privacy the central pillar of innovation and cause a technology industry where creative ideas from small market players can flourish.

"Daphne Muller made so many excellent points in her paper "The Computer of the 21st Century - Second Edition for Europe" that rather than stimulating debate, I envision everyone simply nodding their heads energetically and agreeing with her."
Anonymous reviewer number 6

Render of the paper
A Design Approach towards Affording the Trend of Privacy

For the DIS conference, the tier A publication venue for design research in Human-Computer Interaction, I published my research on the design process of privacy-friendly products and the role of professional designers to facilitate digital ethics.

podcast vpro tegenlicht

The future of big data will be zero data.

In this podcast I spoke with Roland Duong from the Dutch broadcasting organisation VPRO about the end of dataism and the 'zero-data' business model.

Render of the Nextcloud software on desktop

Nextcloud provides cloud collaboration software similar to Microsoft Onedrive and Teams. During my research published at CHI (see above) I found that Nextcloud is the privacy-friendly, open source player that is very likely to meaningfully compete against Big Tech. 

Hence, I applied for a job, and started my career at Nextcloud as Support Lead. Although support is the essence of to the business model, it was not structured which meant that 80% of the work was done by 4 employees out of a team of 30. Thus, I scaled up the knowledge of the other team members in the areas where we had most demand, and put structures in place to make the team of now 40 engineers able to self-organise. As a result, we meet 99% of the Service Level Agreements.

I received a promotion to Manager Alliances, Ecosystem & Support. I'm working on scaling up the Nextcloud ecosystem, which includes community management and managing our portfolio of integrations with other software vendors. 

looking for a speaker?

I will deliver a TEDx-quality talk about the future of the technology industry and privacy. 

Contact me through LinkedIn or Mastodon. 


Daphne is Manager Alliances, Ecosystem & Support Nextcloud by day and scientist by night. She works towards a world where privacy is respected.


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